Parenting and traditions – nothing else creates most blocks in people heads.

Parenting is totally hardest thing to come over trough. If a girl from childhood is told that if she has a lot of sex, she’s a whore! No one even said to her how much is much. For some if you have sex more than once a week, you’re a pervert, to others twice a day is a normal thing and they enjoy their body (even if fat or thin), partner/partners actions, smile, loud emotional expressions etc. Second one is the healthiest way.
Sometimes it gets really wicked when wife/gf asks for new phone, dress or changes in life and only then she will give her man at least a blowjob. This is fucked up partnership prostitution. Is this worst, or the times when I like to shock GF asking her some tip for the sex (nice joke to see her expression)?

Traditions are pain in the ass. Bi or homosexuality I don’t even want to start to talk about, still we have traditions from Christianity where partners have sex only after wedding, still, its up to them. But when it comes that far that we start to consider sex as something filthy or inappropriate… Jerking off is a sin. Give a girl cunnilingus is gay shit. How people will express themselves in life and creativity if they are forbidden to do what their body wants at the moment.

Everything started with sex. Don’t feel shy about talking what you like or dislike to your partner(s). Best thing is to discuss it before you even get first time necked together. Believe me, sex is not about orgasms it’s about enjoying yourself and partner at the same time.


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