If girl likes boy or boy likes girl its not enough to build any type of relationship between them. Because how the fuck both might know it?

Playing the mainstream game.

In eastern Europe main play is when boy comes to girl, says a compliment and asks if she is interested to meet after. Girl gives the number and seed is planted.

How boy chooses a girl?

  • She looks nice and smells nice. Our dick is the best compass.

Girls can tell that its love, sympathy or some other BS. Those are hormones all the time.

How girl picks a boy?

  • It’s a messed up system of beliefs and red lines even not worth analysis.

Can say you that boy has to look clean and feel comfortable with himself. Rest is built on girls past experience if she doesn’t know what she wants.

If much simple about 90% of people in healthy environment.

When girl looks on a boy she sees a full length drama series of 12 seasons.

When man looks on new girl, he sees 30 min porn clip.

This is the place where first conflict comes. Totally different needs.

If your not the girl or boy of that kind and know what you want, amazing you’re the 10% of open-minded people that at least think what they want from life.

What you want then?

  • Passione sex
  • Friendship
  • Adventure
  • Trophy for show-off
  • Partner
  • Person that inspires
  • Those pink shades that give you feeling of butterflies in belly

Or something else, or all of it at same time (not real in monogamy)

When you know it, you start to see magic happening in your life.

It’s like magnet!

When I walk on streets without any purpose I see few women lookin at me, when I go for the kink, 3-5 times increment of smiles on women faces. When I go with love vibe, different types of women give me signals.

Magnet or just my view at the moment of my needs, it doesn’t matter.

My point is that if you want to have something, at least be honest to yourself go out and take it.


1. World changes fast.

My parents worked in one company for 10 years, other friend parents worked for 20, and even some worked whole their life climbing career ladders till retirement. It might work yesterday, still today if you want to make most of it you have to update your skills and talents daily, its good, for those that enjoy self-growth.

2. Social studies.

Have you heard something about “Basic Income”? Shortly it’s a governmental or non-profit organization systems where people get basic amount of income monthly to pay bills for house and food. Idea is really trendy popular. Even slackers (lazy people) after some time of sitting by Netflix with beers had enough and started to give more time to their hobbies, health and travel. If money aint the thing why we work, what is it then? 

3. Failure as new beginning.

People do overreact if they lose their jobs or lose on their projects. Shit, you grow! There is no white and black. Its just a fantastic experience. Have a drink or a smoke and quit nagging move one. It is a blessing to start something new without knowing where you will get after.

4. Rational vs emotional.

Yeah, for me its tough to find balance. Still, have you noticed that the elder you get the more “super-rational” you change. It is like crime over your soul. When soul says, I want to ride a motorbike. Old people brain tells – Its dangerous, you want to become an organ donor? Or just fucking skip the ice cream on warm day, cuz bitch is to lazy to make 50 squats later. Still, when were young, we feel our bodies and “see” what we need.

5. I should get more serious.

Especially when my relatives get 30. Damn, some of them even starting to feel hopeless because they don’t have a steady job, are not married and don’t have first child. You’ll always have time for this. Make a choice – You want to have an enjoyable life or live how society (or governments) think its right to live? Quoting Munchhausen – All the stupid things in the world are done with serious face expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile!

Take care bros and sisters.

– Most of people live in their personal narrow boxes.
– It’s easier to blame others than to fix own crappy life.
– They want changes so badly, still wont put their asses from sofa cuz its to comfortable to be miserable.
– 80% are slaves that only are interested to eat, poop and masturbate.
– It’s always easier to put successful or nice people back to shithole, rather than to think about own happiness.

So don’t spend time thinking how to treat other people, it’s a lots game from the beginning.

Own your life bros and sisters!