I don’t know how many of you already realized that having good sex aint enough for good relationship, or being friends without having same vibes also isn’t enough for your life partner.

Lets not give strong words like responsibility or mission but still men’s thing is to work with girls heart, mind and body (sexualy).

Want to begin with mind. Fucking complex thing, the complexed it is the more cats women have. After first date I always skip girl if she is too much in her head, overthinking, always analyzing and has so many borders in head that she easily could build a wall by Mexico border with that amount.

Its starts always from childhood when our parents, kinder gardens and schools put us in boxes on how to behave and think, some people get lost in it, others feel that this is total BS and should do something about it, so they go their own way through many harmful moments but still grow and find out what THEY want for real not what MATRIX wants.

If you are more conscious that girl that you date give her some logic and explanations in sweet way if you feel that her life strategies won’t lead her to happiness.

For women same shit. Have meant so many wiser than me women and they teach me a lot. BTW, with each woman I have mind-set that she can teach me some essential things even if she is dumb as brick in science, social skills or anything else, every person somewhere is much wiser than you, and take action for this.

You will need some time until your both minds synchronize, after this like a cat with the dog you’ll know what she needs. Its really deep thing that I try to explain on fingers.

You know what role each man has for his child? World outlook! Man is the person that goes outside cave and looks what the fuck is happening out there, is it safe and if its safe he goes to expand and conquer.

Hope now you understand where feminists come from or how wicked people can go if they are raised without father.

Still bro, she wants to see a father in you, that’s the nature. And she really needs your support for unanswered things. Do it slowly and see how she reacts, take responsibility for her mind and never judge her thoughts, you don’t know on what kind of war she is now and what she gone trough.