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Hey bro and sis, so let’s dig in for some sexuality and how sex flirting can take you to the next level.

Remember those times when you see a person and feel like fire of passion coming trough her/him and for real you can’t rationally describe why and how it comes? And next thing you see banging girl in the corner of the street…

KK, lets make it more romantic. You get a nice room, put some warm music, sweet smelling candles and have a drink.

Why this happens? How rational it is? Why this is a MUST HAVE if you want to go long term with the partner?

If we take a look at basic anthropology it’s a basic instinct when people with similar genes come together and create families, communities or organizations. It’s simply made to survive in wild city life, so fluids, hormones and other processes in our body give us signals – CONNECT! Even if your straight this is “coded” inside of us. Like I yesterday just had an amazing conversation with another long-boarder at the bar, cuz we had similar mindsets and none of us felt gay.

It’s really rational if you look at things from natural surviving instincts. Our bodies have different smells and this is first thing we consider before act towards person. Why black people, caucasians or latins have bad smell (for us white eastern europeans)? Same thing, its like tribe goin’ against tribe. Sometimes because of intolerable girls smell, I dump her next day. Shit and even if she is visually perfect for me – big ass, long hair, C cups… total waste for future investment of time and energy.

What’s the perfect thing to have in sex life? If you have intimacy each evening and morning and sometimes between in new places and both experiment a lot. Skip this, your good. For those who have sex only after late news once a week in missionary position under blanket… You defiantly need some more passion and best thing to do is to talk about it with your partner together.

Ask each other:

– What can make sexual intimacy more “on fire” between us?

Sex games, toys, role play, BDSM (can’t skip it), maybe invite another person for threesome if both feel comfortable. Think and talk, take initiative, after 20 min you’ll have a porn series for two seasons called “Lust in western downtown” for sure.

– Are you shy of your body, do you feel comfortable with it?

My cheat code is just to walk naked at home. So get those rags of your body, go for a cold or contrast shower and let it breath. Take a look at your body and tell yourself why you love it, best thing is to do it with your partner together.

Doesn’t matter if your skinny or fat, clumsy or have scars or wounds, listen there are no perfect bodies, just find parts that you enjoy and tell yourself (or to a partner) how you love it.

Most of the mind blocks should disappear, if you don’t try to remember when was the first time you got embraced or some bitches laughed or simply had a strange look on some of your body parts, it’s all ok, and trust me, they didn’t mean to make fun of you.

If still you don’t feel comfortable, have a talk with psychoanalyst or hypnotherapist. Sometimes our minds are closed to fully enjoy sex cuz as 1 year old we saw our parents kissing or dad slapping moms ass and you thought “why daddy is kicking mommy?”, and why she is screaming so loud, she has pain…

We were children and our reactions to usual things leave holes and blocks in neuron connections.

At least try to be more open minded, rest things will come to you after time sooner or later.

What happens on next level?

Consider sex as sport, it’s same thing as theory after which you have training and then go for Olympics (golden medal to your most beloved one).

You already got all that you need, go examine yourself and the world of kink.

When you get sexually opened, your social life will go up and up. Best antidepressant and a good thing just to feel nice. We are hunters and consider good women as trophy on your life path to have.

I don’t want to go really shamanic or boast around things that come into my life after having a MINDBLOWING girl. Just can tell that you go to the next level. Whole understanding and meaning of word Success will be relaunched.

May God bless you with the best pussies or dicks (for girls).