Yesterday goin to sea on the bus stop (minute before bus came) caught nice girl walkin to me. Just waved to her with a smile, she smiled back asked how am i. I was totally in a rush, she said the same and “I’ll see you later” and ran further.

This was absolute magic when two hearts feel the same vibe and try to connect. Fantastic feeling sparkled between two unknown persons.

Its like universe has its own game to play. Randomness that gives us joy.

You may have nice sexual vibe and total mind understanding between two persons. Still, some things about energy that connects our hears is inexpressible. You should also remember that feeling.

I’m feeler, most of the people that I enjoy I meet without words.

There is an anthropologic theory that similarities get connected so easily cuz in big cities to survive people come together. Pure nature. Mostly its described that our inner circle has same mindset, belief systems and fears, that’s why we come tight so easily.

You can fake orgasms or please other people words listening to them ignoring your inner conflict, still, heart vibes cannot be faked.

If your less feeler and know that partner has the vibe for you, don’t be pushy. When girl is sad or shocked, wait a bit and after ask how you feel, what happened? Then she will open her heart to you, mostly some BS she will say like “he looked at me so aggressive…” or “I wanted to go to café before we leave” (I get both form time to time). Try to keep yourself as emphatic as you can until you see a warm smile on her face. Never judge her emotions or say that its stupid, her heart will be shut down for a while then.

Mostly men are described as logical persons that stay in their heads, women – too emotional that smallest thing can change their mood. My thought is, take her point of view, and if you can, see life putting on her pink shades from time to time.

Will go and pass the bus stop now, maybe God will give me second chance to catch her up, if not always keep your eyes opened, you cant imagine how much action is happening even when you walk on the street.