Behind the scenes of seduction coaching’s given by the men that think with their balls (its good to be sex driven) they take off responsibility of thinking with head.

Imagine young dude having some issues with girls. Average boy, with steady job, living in his own apartment or room.

He goes to live pick up classes, coach tells him, go to a girl and ill take a look at you. Its like giving a grenade to person that even doesn’t know how to throw a rock.

First thing hes hearth starts to beat like after 3 cups of coffee. He starts to sweat and girl looks at him thinks – WTF? Even before he starts to go with “pick-up lines”.

What girl can tell about his look? – Damn, so stressed out, hope he wont talk to me.

Of course he fails for the first time, he heads back to trainer and coach tells that he looked terrible, he should be more relaxed and self-confident.

He goes again to another chick, this time looks better and even tells some words to her. Girl says back – no thanks, I have a boyfriend!

Dude feels stressed and now to all of that he also feels lost in space, anxiety grows and shit that coach tells him he’s not even listening to.

Then coach gives some advices and… wow! He gets a phone number somehow.

Everything is good pick up artist congrats him, dude feels better cuz task is finally made and everyone goes back home.

Will dude do some approaches to women next day? No, he wont he will bomb girl with messages and after failure will get a depression.

So why this shit happens with 90% of men that from feeling shy to women go straight ahead to frontline?

Reason 1.

Men minds are messed up. We sometimes think that women will change everything in our lives, that’s more common to those that have a messy room, don’t take responsibility for themselves or watched too much Alpha Male videos and suddenly realized – that they want to be the same.

Reason 2.

Our past hurts. In every persons mind woman is prototype of mother and man takes a role of persons father. Basically because when were young, our inner circle is our father and mother. If girl is raised without father or worst case boy raised without father and mother that works on 2 jobs and doesn’t give child any attention… Tough relationships with weird people person will get in future. Simply boy will be afraid to get judged by future “motherly figure”.

Reason 3.

No, no, no! Imagine how tough is to get always denied by persons that you like? Our dude will simply start to overthink whats wrong with him, is he a freak or not rich enough. He will find his imaginary problems for sure. Worst part is that he will move forward from himself because of this. All he needed to do was to take step towards himself, asking questions like  – why this girl means to me so much? What will happen if I wont get a girl next month? Why don’t I feel comfortable with myself? etc.

Its fun to watch how pickup artists do it for the show or sex, same thing I enjoy from time to time. Still when you have this pause after sex and she needs to leave. I enjoy to have an interesting small talk and to treat girl good. If you want to have girl for sex, take a prostitute, it’s cheaper that to listen to some Alpha males that try to automate seduction process for their own personality, not you boy who gave him $500 just so he can “allow” and watch your intro to a girl.


Man, if you feel that you have problems with women, first of all visit psychoanalyst, they are really good these days, they will remove your basic fears from girls, and trust me, when girl sees that you love yourself, her interest in you will be sweeter than honey.

Don’t rush, at least talk with your self on paper why you don’t feel comfortable with women, you’re the only person that knows answers, if not it’s ok to ask for advice.