My favorite Soviet cartoon Winnie the Pooh (1969)
Was made in those times when times started to move warmer and warmer and people becoming open-minded. So “Winnie is a poet that has different buzzes in his head and is enjoying his life. Moves forward and meets bizarre characters.” He has well developed intuition and I feel him as charismatic prophet leading others by his own kind of master plan. Making the right moves to stay on the white line.
Disney Winnie is amazingly different.
From theology it brings Taoism, Tao or Dao (PATH from Chinese) a culture where people just go with the flow (Dao) is main way how to find happiness in life. With some indian cultures, because bear does some yoga and tai-chi
As a Pickup artist Winnie is polygamous, he flirts with pig showing how he feels comfortable with himself, when pig shoots with a gun at him while he flies in a balloon. He is just collecting the partners, that with whom he would be interested to spend more the best parts of his life time.