Just had a nice chat with an amazing girl, like half day spent in “wow” mood in whatsapp. Told her a story about 14 y.o. friends sisters kid who in France asked a girl to give him a “real French kiss”, girl S told me that she more enjoyed Australian kiss… so here are the cultural differences about kissing. Craziest I had was when girls play with my tongue sucking it in and out, well that might be an invite to have a BJ (blow-job) and in most cases it continued as one.

What does kiss mean in today mainstream world? – It’s more like a prelude or showing your sympathy to other person and may be a first step to closer physical contact.

14 y.o. flirt dude told me that he had a French kiss and girl used her tongue. Mainly the more passion your about person and more you tongue muscles are trained, the more enjoyable it can be for both of you.

Miss S explained me that an Australian kiss is a kiss when you go “down town” with your tongue.

As a cultural kiss I also know “an eskimo kiss” its when you rub your noses each other. Still for those people it’s a deep intimacy.

Really different meanings has forehead kiss. In most cultures it’s a start up kiss. In Slavic/Eastern European culture its not really popular, its like saying goodbye and in burial ceremonies we make it as a last kiss to person.

Ear kissing, it specially earlobe area. In 70% some girls get orgasms with that, they get so much dopamine of this kink, so their minds explode and it can be the fast 5 min “warm-up” before your pike hits her tunnel. Remember, ears have more nerves connections then rest of opened body (not talking about dicks, breasts or under stomach area).

Neck kissing (with some biting) AKA Vampire kiss. After having some bruises by teenage years you may lose this nice play cuz don’t want your partner to wear a scarf later. If you find the right line that goes from the both jaw corners until the middle of shoulder (soft parts)… same thing as with kissing earlobes – atomic bomb.

Lizard kiss – its when you put your tongue  out and with the end of it play with your partners  tongue touching it round and round clockwise or counter clockwise. Still, game is yours can do a lot of magic like with French kiss.

Less erotic are Russian and French friendly kiss. It’s a warm way to say hello when you kiss cheeks. In French/Italian (and other Mediterranean cultures) its 2 times (one on each side), for Russian, Slavic and Dutch cultures its 3 times (we are crazy about number 3 in generations).

Lip biting – its one like showing that you are 100% into person and a good way to show your dominance in most cultures. Such a simple kiss that shows so many hidden things on our animal level that we want to tell our partner.

Shoulders-neck kiss. Amazing thing even to do in public. When you surprise girl from back side of her body, grab her outer part of shoulders softly like you won’t let her go and make a simple kiss for her upper part of shoulder. This is a total blow off for her mind. Just do it if you totally feel that you got trust between both of you. Really wild way to tell with body language that you want to play with her. During more intimate moments, test if she/he likes biting. It can go wild and be a good warm up.

Cheek (Air-Kissing) – in my culture (eastern Europe) it’s a childish and fun way to express that you are in to the person, still maybe a bit shy to tell it in words. The most shy ones (or romantic ones) had this game – Kiss your own hand palm and blow it to other persons way. Snap, should try this out later when flirt without words to unknown person, will let you know what girl reaction can go.

Experiment brothers and sisters. This can be a sweet game to play when both feel like having more intimacy between.


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