In 2017th august I went on my first solo travel to Portugal. Want to share with you some ideas about fears and doubts that I had, and think most of people still have. Still was low on budget those days to go fancy.

1. Someone needs to take care of me!

I did my homework before going to Lisbon and got to, community seemed nice, still if you’re a man you have to take these things. So planned route and asked some people to host me. First time spent two nights with Jose, amazing man walked with his wife thousands of kilometers from Scandinavia till Lisbon by sea shore.. Had fantastic time time. Still next host was a gay, and I understood it before night to get at his, so felt really uncomfortable cuz texts went “service for service”. And shit…
Had no chances to get hosted by women, maybe because I had no reviews from hosts about me.
After used a lot and after in Tenerife travel people said that last night listings on Airbnb are like half off.
Im getting bored from cities after 2-3 days. So simply got myself a tent. So much nice views and you cant imagine the feeling spending nights by ocean, in fresh woods or eye-porn fields with mountains surrounding you. Even if your not romantic type, snap, the stars…

2. I will get robbed, raped or sold as a slave on black markets.

You might if you stay downtown or in creepy places. I have slept even in Sintra (Portugal) central parks children playground with two amazing girls from Couchsurfing, and no one gave a shit. Maybe the old lady in the morning looked creeped out, since her kids wanted to swing on roller-coaster. Environment everywhere is safe, even when police woke my oped once in Natural Park in the morning knocking on my tent, I just got a talk with them that im not allowed to stay here.
It’s safe, even to hitch-hike for transport on the road. Sometimes people even changed their routes just to get me to my destination. Simply because they understand – tourists bring money!

3. Comfort zone.

Those are unknown inner reasons for most of us. Don’t worry brother or sister, one day of travel will bring you more than one month of stay at home. Its like universes, God, Allah, nature invites you and motivates your curiosity. Was the toughest one for me, even that I understood with my brain that everything will be charming. Of course there were also bad surprises, still, those just made me stronger, they don’t kill. …maybe just old you and the fuck you don’t want to lose your old personality.

For me a bonus that I discovered was that I can train acting, be different person each day, nobody knows me, I can be a swag or talk to homeless people, no one will judge you. And the people that come in to your life. The willing just to talk to each backpacker that you meet on your route. Its love! And hope to meet them again cuz world is smaller than you think.

Go with the flow, heart will lead you.