Edgar Zhunda


Optimistic and motivational documentary about people from micro district Purvciems, Riga

We see average people in our daily life but don’t consider what effort and changes they give to society and environment around us.

Historical preview of city inside of city with its own lifestyle and changes after fall of Soviet Union. Everyone is “Purvciems”, catalyzer for growth and cultural treasures.

My favorite Soviet cartoon Winnie the Pooh (1969)
Was made in those times when times started to move warmer and warmer and people becoming open-minded. So “Winnie is a poet that has different buzzes in his head and is enjoying his life. Moves forward and meets bizarre characters.” He has well developed intuition and I feel him as charismatic prophet leading others by his own kind of master plan. Making the right moves to stay on the white line.
Disney Winnie is amazingly different.
From theology it brings Taoism, Tao or Dao (PATH from Chinese) a culture where people just go with the flow (Dao) is main way how to find happiness in life. With some indian cultures, because bear does some yoga and tai-chi
As a Pickup artist Winnie is polygamous, he flirts with pig showing how he feels comfortable with himself, when pig shoots with a gun at him while he flies in a balloon. He is just collecting the partners, that with whom he would be interested to spend more the best parts of his life time.

Hey bro and sis, so let’s dig in for some sexuality and how sex flirting can take you to the next level.

Remember those times when you see a person and feel like fire of passion coming trough her/him and for real you can’t rationally describe why and how it comes? And next thing you see banging girl in the corner of the street…

KK, lets make it more romantic. You get a nice room, put some warm music, sweet smelling candles and have a drink.

Why this happens? How rational it is? Why this is a MUST HAVE if you want to go long term with the partner?

If we take a look at basic anthropology it’s a basic instinct when people with similar genes come together and create families, communities or organizations. It’s simply made to survive in wild city life, so fluids, hormones and other processes in our body give us signals – CONNECT! Even if your straight this is “coded” inside of us. Like I yesterday just had an amazing conversation with another long-boarder at the bar, cuz we had similar mindsets and none of us felt gay.

It’s really rational if you look at things from natural surviving instincts. Our bodies have different smells and this is first thing we consider before act towards person. Why black people, caucasians or latins have bad smell (for us white eastern europeans)? Same thing, its like tribe goin’ against tribe. Sometimes because of intolerable girls smell, I dump her next day. Shit and even if she is visually perfect for me – big ass, long hair, C cups… total waste for future investment of time and energy.

What’s the perfect thing to have in sex life? If you have intimacy each evening and morning and sometimes between in new places and both experiment a lot. Skip this, your good. For those who have sex only after late news once a week in missionary position under blanket… You defiantly need some more passion and best thing to do is to talk about it with your partner together.

Ask each other:

– What can make sexual intimacy more “on fire” between us?

Sex games, toys, role play, BDSM (can’t skip it), maybe invite another person for threesome if both feel comfortable. Think and talk, take initiative, after 20 min you’ll have a porn series for two seasons called “Lust in western downtown” for sure.

– Are you shy of your body, do you feel comfortable with it?

My cheat code is just to walk naked at home. So get those rags of your body, go for a cold or contrast shower and let it breath. Take a look at your body and tell yourself why you love it, best thing is to do it with your partner together.

Doesn’t matter if your skinny or fat, clumsy or have scars or wounds, listen there are no perfect bodies, just find parts that you enjoy and tell yourself (or to a partner) how you love it.

Most of the mind blocks should disappear, if you don’t try to remember when was the first time you got embraced or some bitches laughed or simply had a strange look on some of your body parts, it’s all ok, and trust me, they didn’t mean to make fun of you.

If still you don’t feel comfortable, have a talk with psychoanalyst or hypnotherapist. Sometimes our minds are closed to fully enjoy sex cuz as 1 year old we saw our parents kissing or dad slapping moms ass and you thought “why daddy is kicking mommy?”, and why she is screaming so loud, she has pain…

We were children and our reactions to usual things leave holes and blocks in neuron connections.

At least try to be more open minded, rest things will come to you after time sooner or later.

What happens on next level?

Consider sex as sport, it’s same thing as theory after which you have training and then go for Olympics (golden medal to your most beloved one).

You already got all that you need, go examine yourself and the world of kink.

When you get sexually opened, your social life will go up and up. Best antidepressant and a good thing just to feel nice. We are hunters and consider good women as trophy on your life path to have.

I don’t want to go really shamanic or boast around things that come into my life after having a MINDBLOWING girl. Just can tell that you go to the next level. Whole understanding and meaning of word Success will be relaunched.

May God bless you with the best pussies or dicks (for girls).

Just had a nice chat with an amazing girl, like half day spent in “wow” mood in whatsapp. Told her a story about 14 y.o. friends sisters kid who in France asked a girl to give him a “real French kiss”, girl S told me that she more enjoyed Australian kiss… so here are the cultural differences about kissing. Craziest I had was when girls play with my tongue sucking it in and out, well that might be an invite to have a BJ (blow-job) and in most cases it continued as one.

What does kiss mean in today mainstream world? – It’s more like a prelude or showing your sympathy to other person and may be a first step to closer physical contact.

14 y.o. flirt dude told me that he had a French kiss and girl used her tongue. Mainly the more passion your about person and more you tongue muscles are trained, the more enjoyable it can be for both of you.

Miss S explained me that an Australian kiss is a kiss when you go “down town” with your tongue.

As a cultural kiss I also know “an eskimo kiss” its when you rub your noses each other. Still for those people it’s a deep intimacy.

Really different meanings has forehead kiss. In most cultures it’s a start up kiss. In Slavic/Eastern European culture its not really popular, its like saying goodbye and in burial ceremonies we make it as a last kiss to person.

Ear kissing, it specially earlobe area. In 70% some girls get orgasms with that, they get so much dopamine of this kink, so their minds explode and it can be the fast 5 min “warm-up” before your pike hits her tunnel. Remember, ears have more nerves connections then rest of opened body (not talking about dicks, breasts or under stomach area).

Neck kissing (with some biting) AKA Vampire kiss. After having some bruises by teenage years you may lose this nice play cuz don’t want your partner to wear a scarf later. If you find the right line that goes from the both jaw corners until the middle of shoulder (soft parts)… same thing as with kissing earlobes – atomic bomb.

Lizard kiss – its when you put your tongue  out and with the end of it play with your partners  tongue touching it round and round clockwise or counter clockwise. Still, game is yours can do a lot of magic like with French kiss.

Less erotic are Russian and French friendly kiss. It’s a warm way to say hello when you kiss cheeks. In French/Italian (and other Mediterranean cultures) its 2 times (one on each side), for Russian, Slavic and Dutch cultures its 3 times (we are crazy about number 3 in generations).

Lip biting – its one like showing that you are 100% into person and a good way to show your dominance in most cultures. Such a simple kiss that shows so many hidden things on our animal level that we want to tell our partner.

Shoulders-neck kiss. Amazing thing even to do in public. When you surprise girl from back side of her body, grab her outer part of shoulders softly like you won’t let her go and make a simple kiss for her upper part of shoulder. This is a total blow off for her mind. Just do it if you totally feel that you got trust between both of you. Really wild way to tell with body language that you want to play with her. During more intimate moments, test if she/he likes biting. It can go wild and be a good warm up.

Cheek (Air-Kissing) – in my culture (eastern Europe) it’s a childish and fun way to express that you are in to the person, still maybe a bit shy to tell it in words. The most shy ones (or romantic ones) had this game – Kiss your own hand palm and blow it to other persons way. Snap, should try this out later when flirt without words to unknown person, will let you know what girl reaction can go.

Experiment brothers and sisters. This can be a sweet game to play when both feel like having more intimacy between.

Yesterday goin to sea on the bus stop (minute before bus came) caught nice girl walkin to me. Just waved to her with a smile, she smiled back asked how am i. I was totally in a rush, she said the same and “I’ll see you later” and ran further.

This was absolute magic when two hearts feel the same vibe and try to connect. Fantastic feeling sparkled between two unknown persons.

Its like universe has its own game to play. Randomness that gives us joy.

You may have nice sexual vibe and total mind understanding between two persons. Still, some things about energy that connects our hears is inexpressible. You should also remember that feeling.

I’m feeler, most of the people that I enjoy I meet without words.

There is an anthropologic theory that similarities get connected so easily cuz in big cities to survive people come together. Pure nature. Mostly its described that our inner circle has same mindset, belief systems and fears, that’s why we come tight so easily.

You can fake orgasms or please other people words listening to them ignoring your inner conflict, still, heart vibes cannot be faked.

If your less feeler and know that partner has the vibe for you, don’t be pushy. When girl is sad or shocked, wait a bit and after ask how you feel, what happened? Then she will open her heart to you, mostly some BS she will say like “he looked at me so aggressive…” or “I wanted to go to café before we leave” (I get both form time to time). Try to keep yourself as emphatic as you can until you see a warm smile on her face. Never judge her emotions or say that its stupid, her heart will be shut down for a while then.

Mostly men are described as logical persons that stay in their heads, women – too emotional that smallest thing can change their mood. My thought is, take her point of view, and if you can, see life putting on her pink shades from time to time.

Will go and pass the bus stop now, maybe God will give me second chance to catch her up, if not always keep your eyes opened, you cant imagine how much action is happening even when you walk on the street.

Parenting and traditions – nothing else creates most blocks in people heads.

Parenting is totally hardest thing to come over trough. If a girl from childhood is told that if she has a lot of sex, she’s a whore! No one even said to her how much is much. For some if you have sex more than once a week, you’re a pervert, to others twice a day is a normal thing and they enjoy their body (even if fat or thin), partner/partners actions, smile, loud emotional expressions etc. Second one is the healthiest way.
Sometimes it gets really wicked when wife/gf asks for new phone, dress or changes in life and only then she will give her man at least a blowjob. This is fucked up partnership prostitution. Is this worst, or the times when I like to shock GF asking her some tip for the sex (nice joke to see her expression)?

Traditions are pain in the ass. Bi or homosexuality I don’t even want to start to talk about, still we have traditions from Christianity where partners have sex only after wedding, still, its up to them. But when it comes that far that we start to consider sex as something filthy or inappropriate… Jerking off is a sin. Give a girl cunnilingus is gay shit. How people will express themselves in life and creativity if they are forbidden to do what their body wants at the moment.

Everything started with sex. Don’t feel shy about talking what you like or dislike to your partner(s). Best thing is to discuss it before you even get first time necked together. Believe me, sex is not about orgasms it’s about enjoying yourself and partner at the same time.

I don’t know how many of you already realized that having good sex aint enough for good relationship, or being friends without having same vibes also isn’t enough for your life partner.

Lets not give strong words like responsibility or mission but still men’s thing is to work with girls heart, mind and body (sexualy).

Want to begin with mind. Fucking complex thing, the complexed it is the more cats women have. After first date I always skip girl if she is too much in her head, overthinking, always analyzing and has so many borders in head that she easily could build a wall by Mexico border with that amount.

Its starts always from childhood when our parents, kinder gardens and schools put us in boxes on how to behave and think, some people get lost in it, others feel that this is total BS and should do something about it, so they go their own way through many harmful moments but still grow and find out what THEY want for real not what MATRIX wants.

If you are more conscious that girl that you date give her some logic and explanations in sweet way if you feel that her life strategies won’t lead her to happiness.

For women same shit. Have meant so many wiser than me women and they teach me a lot. BTW, with each woman I have mind-set that she can teach me some essential things even if she is dumb as brick in science, social skills or anything else, every person somewhere is much wiser than you, and take action for this.

You will need some time until your both minds synchronize, after this like a cat with the dog you’ll know what she needs. Its really deep thing that I try to explain on fingers.

You know what role each man has for his child? World outlook! Man is the person that goes outside cave and looks what the fuck is happening out there, is it safe and if its safe he goes to expand and conquer.

Hope now you understand where feminists come from or how wicked people can go if they are raised without father.

Still bro, she wants to see a father in you, that’s the nature. And she really needs your support for unanswered things. Do it slowly and see how she reacts, take responsibility for her mind and never judge her thoughts, you don’t know on what kind of war she is now and what she gone trough.


Behind the scenes of seduction coaching’s given by the men that think with their balls (its good to be sex driven) they take off responsibility of thinking with head.

Imagine young dude having some issues with girls. Average boy, with steady job, living in his own apartment or room.

He goes to live pick up classes, coach tells him, go to a girl and ill take a look at you. Its like giving a grenade to person that even doesn’t know how to throw a rock.

First thing hes hearth starts to beat like after 3 cups of coffee. He starts to sweat and girl looks at him thinks – WTF? Even before he starts to go with “pick-up lines”.

What girl can tell about his look? – Damn, so stressed out, hope he wont talk to me.

Of course he fails for the first time, he heads back to trainer and coach tells that he looked terrible, he should be more relaxed and self-confident.

He goes again to another chick, this time looks better and even tells some words to her. Girl says back – no thanks, I have a boyfriend!

Dude feels stressed and now to all of that he also feels lost in space, anxiety grows and shit that coach tells him he’s not even listening to.

Then coach gives some advices and… wow! He gets a phone number somehow.

Everything is good pick up artist congrats him, dude feels better cuz task is finally made and everyone goes back home.

Will dude do some approaches to women next day? No, he wont he will bomb girl with messages and after failure will get a depression.

So why this shit happens with 90% of men that from feeling shy to women go straight ahead to frontline?

Reason 1.

Men minds are messed up. We sometimes think that women will change everything in our lives, that’s more common to those that have a messy room, don’t take responsibility for themselves or watched too much Alpha Male videos and suddenly realized – that they want to be the same.

Reason 2.

Our past hurts. In every persons mind woman is prototype of mother and man takes a role of persons father. Basically because when were young, our inner circle is our father and mother. If girl is raised without father or worst case boy raised without father and mother that works on 2 jobs and doesn’t give child any attention… Tough relationships with weird people person will get in future. Simply boy will be afraid to get judged by future “motherly figure”.

Reason 3.

No, no, no! Imagine how tough is to get always denied by persons that you like? Our dude will simply start to overthink whats wrong with him, is he a freak or not rich enough. He will find his imaginary problems for sure. Worst part is that he will move forward from himself because of this. All he needed to do was to take step towards himself, asking questions like  – why this girl means to me so much? What will happen if I wont get a girl next month? Why don’t I feel comfortable with myself? etc.

Its fun to watch how pickup artists do it for the show or sex, same thing I enjoy from time to time. Still when you have this pause after sex and she needs to leave. I enjoy to have an interesting small talk and to treat girl good. If you want to have girl for sex, take a prostitute, it’s cheaper that to listen to some Alpha males that try to automate seduction process for their own personality, not you boy who gave him $500 just so he can “allow” and watch your intro to a girl.


Man, if you feel that you have problems with women, first of all visit psychoanalyst, they are really good these days, they will remove your basic fears from girls, and trust me, when girl sees that you love yourself, her interest in you will be sweeter than honey.

Don’t rush, at least talk with your self on paper why you don’t feel comfortable with women, you’re the only person that knows answers, if not it’s ok to ask for advice.